Monday, April 29, 2013

My Shopping Habit

Before going to Bangkok, I said to myself "ive got to find a new backpack". I hardly remember the last time i bought one as the one tht i usually used was free. That backpack had went travelling to several countries with me *hugs and kisses*

So I googled designs for backpack. I am a fan of puma. But also look on other brands. And I fellnin love with a Ferrari Puma backpack. Red with white stripes, the horse boldly shines on it. The week before our vacation was pretty packed. We need to make up fpr the time we're off. Yet I sill find room to get the dream backpack. I went to a sport store in Gong Badak and luck was noy on my side. And went for a marathon to three Al Ikhsan. Sone people may say, oh come on. Just buy la kan. But if I buy the one yg halfly berkenan and the price pun rm100 which is not cheap. Alang2 beli baik ikut citarasa. Here i learned what is freedom of money. Lastly I went to Al Ikhsan motorsport. There were many Ferrari merchandise there. And yeay! Here's my new babe.

Harga pun wow. But since I know my next backpack will be at least a decade after this, so its worth buying. In Thailand there was this shop named Naraya. Women became insame coming in this shop. Beg dia sangat comel2. But I just stood there, just praising and suggesting to those who were around me. Yes, im the one who always choose things for other people. And dady always refers me for advice esp on men's wear. 

My mom asked me whether I want to buy any those cute n comel bags. Of course I tak nak. Just sibuk pilihkan untuk network yang tak dapat join kami punya vacation. And my network cakap I ni tak ada nafsu nak membeli. Bukan sorang yang duk tanya saya tak beli pape ke, lebih tiga orang. Sampai saya rasa, ish pelik sangat ke aku ni tak membeli.It is just me. 

Awal tahun dah beli my first ever handbag yang guna duit sendiri. Dan sebelum pergi vacation dah beli first ever backpack yang guna duit sendiri. Jadi dah beli dua beg tahun ni. Dan rasa macam kalau beli lagi, macam banyak pula spend untuk beg. Jadi, jangan pelik lagi dengan saya lepas ni. Saya biasanya beli apa yang saya mahu sahaja. I rarely like things, but once I like it i usually buy it. That is me, Nadhirah.


Naz said...

mu mmg particular bab nk membeli ni..hehe

Jαnnαhツ said...

oh kamu suke backpack ye. saya suka sling back. huhu..

neway nadhirah sambung master kan? sambung mane?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Naz: patricular e? etpun alang2 beli biar puah hti. bkn sllu mmbli ni. heee

jannah: suke gop sling bag tp klu travel jauh bese mik bckpck sbb nk ltk brg bnyk. klu duk rmh tu pkai hndbg je...

bab smbung ni akn dumumkan kmdian. sbb tgh applction lg.. hehehe

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