Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give Colours to Life

Salam. Perasan tak banyak sangat cerita cinta sekarang. Drama cinta. Filem cinta. Novel cinta tok sah cakap lah. Memang bersepah! Buka facebook pun banyak nye lah status2 tentang cinta. And yet, im writing on love issue.

Actually im not writing my love story or anything, so if ure hoping for that, im sorry. I just want to express how bored i am with all these typical issues. Not mentioning the feeling of having unhealthy surroundings in these pre election days. 

Well, talking about election, my comment is why dont you people stop crticizing other parties and focus on ureself first. To hear negative things once or twice is acceptable. But everyday? Made me feel like, oh gawd. Not again! At the end, ure the one who always point tht others are wrong because of this and this, will reflect who u actually are. Its like having a neighbour yang cakap eh jran itu ini itu ini. Mula2 masa baru datang, mungkin kita akan listen. But hearing it every single day, buatkan kita rasa, eh betul ke aku dengar selama ni. Sebab asyik org lain je tak kena kan. 

Back to love issue. I know teens and young adults like me like this topic. But too much, dah rasa macan pape lah. I felt like, come on. Its not like, ure life is devoted to talk bout love only? We have so much other things to look at, to take priority. Life is wonderful with love. But dear me and  readers, colour our life. Dont let it be monotone, filling with love only. But make it colourful. As colourful as a rainbow! 

A post written by me. And dedicated for me, especially. My mind should and must have spaces for other things. Live life to the fullest. Dont u think so?


Naz said...

totally agree..that's why i don't like to read Malay novels and watch Malay movies...let's watch cartoon and animation, it so much fun...hahaaah

ermafatiha said...

nice one dear =)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

NAZ: Animation upin ipin bgus gak. Moral of the stry bnyk

Erma: thanks dear for reading


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