Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spring Clean vs Love

Yesterday I had a spring-cleaning project at the kitchen. And I am quite disappointed for forgetting to take photos so that I can do before vs after like in tv. And I think I had done a good job (puji diri sendiri but seriously you might agree if I have before vs after photos :-p), which worth all the coughing and sneezing that I am having now. And yes! When it comes to my house, spring-clean means binning stuffs. 

Well, the rubbish all together were 4 black bags (sorry for contributing to landfills) and there were so many expired food. This time the record for expired date food was 2009. 3 years ago! No wonder we had so much stuffs in our house. And I also found a wedding card and the wedding was held in 2002! Seriously, if I showed the couple (which I don't know) that I had kept their card for 10 years, they will be touched. And I think by now they already have 2 kids.

I am starting to feel like my house is like Datuk Chef Wan's ex wife house. He told his fans via Facebook that he is cleaning his ex wife house and been throwing a lot of stuffs that his ex wife been keeping. Yeah, we women love the sentimental values of things. Even a piece of paper can be kept nicely in an album if it has a sentimental value. 

Lastly, I want to share a long-but-worth-reading status written by Datuk Chef Wan. I won't comment anything as I want you to have that particular feeling that I had when reading it.
Ramai yang rasa hairan yang Wan dan jugak bekas isteri can still be friend after all this years.To be honest i have alot of love and simpati in my heart for all human being sejak dari kecil lagi.Bila di sekolah pun waktu kecil2 lagi i always loved to help my classmate to do their homework or go to their home to teach them apa2 subject yang i rasa my classmate is weak or have failed in their class test.
Sebagai seorang abang and eldest in the family of 7 i have a huge responsibilities to all my sibllings and parent too.So dari kecil sifat kasih terhadap adik2 dan kawan2 is always in my heart.
As Abang Long i am always protective of all my sibblings and therefore i can never hurt someone feeling much less physically.
I think Allah has blessed me from the time i was a child to have alot of timbang rasa and compassion in my heart despite my mouth being very outspoken if i find something that i dislike.
Sifat2 dendam dan iri hati memang kurang didalam hati bukan tak ada langsung sebab Wan ni kan Manusia biasa.Suatu ketika itu pasti hati akan tergerak ke arah itu when someone aniayakan saya.
However i am glad oftened i fight this negative feeling in me simply because i always try to understand that pada sesuatu perbuatan Jahat sesaorang itu mesti ada orang yang baik,lemah etc yang menjadi Mangsanya.Perogol,pembunuh,Pencuri dan mcm2 so i learned not to balas dendam and let God be the one to do it.Kita cuba bersabar sudah lah.
For this season bila Jodoh Wan tidak Panjang bersama my X wife i have decided to divorce her dihadapan Kadi dan cakap baik2 because we are just two people who are not Compatible.The Marriage Although Agreed by me but was somehow also instigated by my relatives and families as she comes from a really poor and daif family.
My x wife was a beautiful girl just like my Daughter Serina when i married her sehingga satu Kampong nak ambil dia as their son jodoh.From what i heard there were Drs, Guru,Military yang masuk meminang dia but Her grandmother had decided that i was the one for her because she like my personality,kerajinan and hard working.
So when the marriage fail after 4 years i decided to go on my own way and promised to take care opf her for the rest of her life as i cannot see her lived in poverty again after i had rescued her.She was actually anak Yatim because the father died jatuh pokok kelapa and her mother went gila and died afew years later.Her life pun si tragic if i tell u the whole story u will all cry nanti...Ombak Rindu pun Kalah la!
So to be honest with u i married her because i taught i could learned to love her and take care of her.Offcourse lepas tu i start to fall in love with her too tetapi she has this penyakit Jealousy that drifted us apart over the years..Kalau i ada buat tak senonoh tak pe la but she realised after the divorce her huge mistake after she had lost me.By that time is too late.I was a free bird and knew we were never compatible.
In those days kita bukan ada dating2 at 22 yrs old jumpa 2 kali terus kawin.So i cannot sia sia kan hidup nya until today after what she has gone through in life.I learned in life tak guna berdendam dengan orang dan putus kan hubungan kerana Allah tidak suka manusia yang melakukan itu.So i have just done that lah over the years.
She never worked in her life.Sekolah pun sampai darjah 4 and adik beradik 16 orang dan ramai died very early.She no 11 out of 16 tu.


eencyweency said...

Aku igt ke mu inspired by oprah..rupenye chef wan..cemtu rupenye cte chef wan ni..tq 4 sharing nad..very inspirinh!both u n chef wan :)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Wawa : hehe. Tq. Aku minat juga sgt2 oprah. Sbb life story dia yg xgive up. Sweet kn llki cm DCW ni kan?

Anonymous said...

its hard to be like DCW but not impossible.n really touching to be in that album. =)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

yes. this the first guy that i know that is that sweet. he shows the world tht love does not have to mean marriage

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