Friday, February 17, 2012

Refuse vs Bodek

I just had an experience, not a nice one but can be as guide for us. So, I decided to share with the readers. My Dad and I went to Giant and Daddy stopped to pay his broadband bill-Maxis. Here's the conversation:

Me : Kenapa tak stop je broadband?
Dad: Kontrak 2 tahun.
Me : Hurm. Membazir je. Tak guna mana pun. 
Dad: U lah guna *making face*
Me : I made a face and pinched Dady. A manja-manja pinch of course because his answer was not helping as he clearly knows we have wireless streamyx at home which is faster than broadband. So, no point for me to use the broadband. *we smiled*

Then there was a giggle. We spontaneously looked at the source of the noise- The cashier. Never mind.

The cashier said, "Bodek ayah wo!" (clearly-said-aloud) -now, I do mind!-

Me: *speechless*

There are three moral values here.

1) Don't just butt in people's conversation. U can smile as I know you have ears but what on earth are you thinking to respond in such way to a customer. Aloud! Seriously, I felt violated. I mean, it's a personal conversation and I wasn't expecting a stranger to comment or join our personal conversation.

2) Dahlah menyampuk, kemudian menyampuk tu salah pula. "Bodek ayah wo!" Please. Please. I am refusing of having the broadband that Dady offered me. Tapi dia kata aku bodek ayah. Apehal. Opposite action. Dan saya tak suka bodek-bodek mak-ayah. So, for someone to say something that I didn't do makes me annoyed. I'm not angry. But clearly annoyed.

3) Use appropiate words. I'm paying bill at a Maxis centre. Not at a football field. So, 'wo!' is a no-no word. And it's rude. Yes. Rude!

We are not perfect. But, through experience we learn. So, I hope we learn the don'ts so that we won't repeat the same thing and annoy others. InsyaAllah.


Jαnnαhツ said...

haha, memang suka menyampuk kot itu orang... hehehe...

eencyweency said...

I am absolutely onthe same page with u, girl! It really does annoy me when ppl suddenly interfere with "surprising" response ><"

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Jannah: tulah. Nsb bek tu bkn kdai dia. Klau x, boikot da

Wawa: haha. Tu ah. Ketuk pintu pun tak, Tibe2 je stranger bg respond. Respond salah pulak tu. Mmg rase grrr...

Mohammad Lokman Hakim said...

erk..selambe nye org tu.amik pnjrn,kita jgn buat gtu.nampak agak kurang ajar

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