Friday, January 6, 2012

An Opportunity to be Strong

Do you know that there are those who dislike seeing you at the top? (Padahal aku bukan dapat 17A1 masa SPM pun. Haha) Benda tu nak hadapi memang sakit. Tapi bila kita dah lalui sekali, insyaAllah kali yang berikutnya, kita lebih pandai mengatasinya. I remembered how bad it was when people envy me when I was in Year 6. They did this and that but Alhamdulillah Allah let the truth out at last. 

And this semester, I had the some sort of the same thing. Though I was hurt, but I still pity the person for doing that to me. Well, I don't know her motive. What I was doing didn't even affect her. I asked the experts on their opinion on the issue. However, I admitted there was a part of where I did a mistake. I thought everyone is open-minded. Clearly, I was wrong. 

However, as I said. I held no grudge towards her. And I hope she will not do the same thing again to others. We are growing up. I came across a quote saying that those who hurt you are not mean. Allah just send them to you to make you a better person. Indeed! I thank Him. For that had made a stronger person. And I learned a lot.

It is easy to say. Be strong. Be strong. But in reality it s not as easy. But, believe Him. We are capable, but just have to push beyond the limit. 

As an only child, I mostly face things on my own. I have my loved ones. But, I realised that Allah lends them to me. And I am not sure how long will He lend my loved ones. Everything we have can be just taken away in blink. Even our life....

I am writing just to share my thoughts, in case it might be helpful.


Jαnnαhツ said...

mmg dunia macam tu. akan ade golongan yg suka dan benci.

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