Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flying Like A Bird

So, today I'm free like a bird. Wheee... Not exactly. I had to go the faculty to settle few things. And then hanged out with Aina. We were aiming to TTC. But, like always. We ended up in Giant. So, before we went to "berfoya-foya", I needed to settle on postage thingy and posted a parcel to Limbang. Limbang is in Sarawak. And then bought 3 fax carbons that were so expensive. Cost me RM 78! Pergh. So, don't fax me rubbish. It will waste my fax carbon. 

Then, it was time to hang-out. Hoyeh! We were looking for baby clothes. Boy and girl. So, went to a few shops in Giant, and went to a shop- Anakku. At the entrance, big sign 50% sale. Okay, good news. There were a few cute dresses but I still aimed for that 50%. So, the tag told me the romper was RM 36. And 50% will be like RM 18. Punya semangat kira. Okay lah. Baju kecil, harga macam tu. Bought 1 for boy, and another for girl.

Off I went to the cashier. And, tit... scan bar code. RM72. Wadehek. I asked. Ain't any discount? No no. The discount is for another basket. Owh my. If I knew that earlier, I will not be buying. RM 36 for such romper was so expensive. I mean, the romper doesn't look expensive. So, if I want to buy something expensive, it is important to look expensive. Ada je yang buy 2 for RM40 but I thought yang ni sale. So sale means beli. Woha! And then, I also love the towel. RM 23. Tapi tak sale. So tak berminat nak beli. I said to myself, RM 36 for 2 rompers were more affordable. Besides, it's Disney and Disney products are good quality.

Cantik tak? Just say yes, okay! Lol

I was so frustrated. I mean, it's not about the price. But, I felt like I was cheated by the sign. And I could buy something better for that price. I could have more choices for RM 36. Aina cheered me up by filling up my tummy with food. Thanks Aina. And, I love the prawn wantan. Nice! And somehow, I ended up gobbling all the food. Well, not literally lah. Maybe I was stressed about the '50% sale thingy'. 

Then we went to the arcade. Rasa macam sosial jap. Lol. Bought 3 tokens and the machine was slow. Ketuk2 baru nak keluarkan token. Main Daytona USA. Aina was being humble by saying, "aku tak reti la main daytona ni. Aku pernah main dah". Pergh. Sekali main, elok je pintas aku. Ni macam kes kawan aku di SMKA Tok Jiring. Setiap kali exam mesti cakap tak tahu apa-apa jawab. Tapi elok je dapat 11 A. Not funny okay!

Morals of the story is please check and recheck before buying to avoid from feeling temporary happiness. You felt so happy like woha I saved a few ringgit due to 'sale' but ended up other way round. Save la sangat konon. Btw, thank you Aina for your time and hope that 'mouse' is useful. And seriously that Anakku shop use pelaris or in a positive way-good marketing. Haha.

Hope we always connect to the Quran


izan said...

g lepak dok ajok :(

btw,aiman best!

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

izan: aku ajok 3 kali embok mu bkn nk mari pun. wt ak kcwa j etg.. ha...

akmall said...

nadhirah : next time... msg me ok it you want to come to.. but make sure the day is Friday.. sebab flee market tu ada hari jumaat je..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Akmal: ak skmo lupa etpom sal tu. Insyaallah sem dpn.. Gottodo list

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