Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Morals for Today

20-12-2011. I had gone through a lot of things. From the morning till night. A bad day with personal problems, work issue, and getting low grades for my quiz giving low carry marks. The last time I could remember when I burst into tears in class was when I was in form 5. Well, I couldn't hold it anymore. My decent friend told me that I am a positive person. At times, I can be a typical woman.

Morals for today. First, life is not like a pencil where you can draw and sketch or perhaps scribble things onto a paper. It is not as simple as that. When you do something wrong, you just can't erase or click undo. Sucks right? 

Second, don't stop people to succeed. Be a balance person. I know we humans may have our dark side. But, put in a positive way. Don't let the dark side conquers you. It's not worth it. Trust me!

Third, sometimes people need time. And that also sucks. How I wish we're machines. At least for now.

Fourth, don't cry too much. You may easily fall asleep. Zzzzzzz  *dozing off*


akmall said...

love to read it... something in my mind.. i da lama tak cry.. since 2008.. sad huh?..hihu~~

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Akmal: tp yg plg ak sdih adlh hal ke2 tu. Dh nk hbs sem, ad plak isu dgn classmte. Ak sdih knpa kaum mlyu sllu skap mcm tu.

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