Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Date 1.11.11

Nice date. Once in a lifetime! And that date happened to be my birthday. I didn't expect anything. I guess a part of growing up is when your birthdays no longer means cakes nor gifts. 

This year, I happened to be missing my cake moments. Imagining myself surrounding with friends and proudly hold the beautifully designed knife to divide a whole into fractions. 

Allah turned my imagination into reality. My classmates gave me pranks before singing Happy Birthday with a nice tiramisu ice cream cake. Argh, it had been ages when I said to myself that I would love to try an ice-cream cake but turned up thinking and thinking as I usually have a limitation in eating cakes. The max is a piece which explains my 44kg weight. (pic will be upload later)

In the afternoon, I received a call. Wow! Surprise delivery. A box of 25 chocolates. The chocolates look so beautiful and again I think and think whether I want to eat it or not. So, next time others have to think twice before giving me cute food. 

Two splendid surprises for my birthday! I thank my friends for putting so much effort to make me happy. Appreciation. Appreciation and lots and lots of appreciation from me!

22 years of life. A big number yet I asked asked myself. What are my achievements? Are those years are for nothing? I am still nothing at the age of 22. Oh my.....

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