Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Phase (Dedication for a Friend)

Time flies. One of my bestfriends just had her wedding on Friday, 16th Sept. Proving she had grown up. And I'm so grown up too. What are my feelings?

As a youth- jealous. One of the best thing in life is to get married at a young age. It is easier to adapt to a new environment when you're young. Easier to learn, easier to change. And a hub to be more matured. Most importantly, you are free from gossips. Getting an official status is one of the best thing when you're a woman! You're lucky my dear..

As a friend- sad. Sad that she will be no longer belong to her parents. And now, everything she wants to do, she has to consider and tell her husband. Not like before, where we can go out and plan things without referring anybody. I need to understand that Husband comes first! We always use this phrase "kena ikut mak". But now, she will be using "kena ikut suami".

As a best friend, I am so happy for her. After all the hard times you had, you finally got married. Really happy and you look so pretty with the light make-up. May I book for that 'kakak-andam' for my day in the future? Lol.

All the best for Hazirah & Shahril. Selamat membina cinta sejati, bergembiralah dan bersabarlah dalam menjalani segala cabaran dan dugaan bersama-sama. Husband and wife compliment each other. That's why there are differences. Oh yes, I am ready to be an aunty!


Jαnnαhツ said...

nadhirah bile lagi?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

jannah: insyaAllah. doakan :-)

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