Thursday, August 4, 2011

Internship: Guide for Juniors

Being the first batch, I am happy to share my experience on internship (if you want to read).

Well, internship for BEN in UniSZA is during semester 6, after the final exam. But, you have to start applying when you begin the semester to avoid problems later on. You will be sending letters prepared by the faculty to organisations. Sending at least three is a good idea, just in case your applications are rejected. And also to avoid from falling in the red-coloured-internship types.

There are many kind of companies available. Tourism industry, Public Relations and maybe Language Departments are the ideas that you are heading too. As for me, thinking I had enough with written English in class, I headed for tourism to seek for real English oral communication (communicating with native speakers).

The duration will be 2 months (minimum) but since 2011, we had longer holidays, lecturers came to a decision where BEN 6 this year will be having internship for 3 months.

Results for semester 6 already out before I completed my internship. So, that means internship grades will not be included in CGPA. Huh (*relieved) Internship will be between pass or fail.

After completing intern, then you will be struggling to do your report (which what I'm doing now). The report will be 50% from total marks. After doing the report, then presentation will be seeking you! Since I'm the first batch, and yes I am a bit loss in figuring out how my report will be. So, trying to complete as early as I can, then refer to my internship supervisor may be a good thing to do.

Internship is where you will be exposed to a different environment. It may be fun, it may sucks. But the important thing is, you learn something!

p/s: I will be writing my personal intern experience later.


May Maisarah said...

Nice! Im also just like u! Just finished my internship last 3 weeks ago.

Now, struggling with the report!

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

maisarah: tq for reading. do uve any report examples?

Wahida said...

I'm a little bit scared upon facing my upcoming internship later.. Looking forward on reading your internship diary! :D

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

wahida: its ok. i'll try to give brief ideas on intern. tq 4 reading.

Shafiq said...

I will look forward to read it.. :-)

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