Thursday, August 18, 2011

Internship Diary (How it Ends)

Being an English Degree blogger, at times I felt that sharing about my degree is important. Being the first batch with no GPS I felt sharing what I experienced may be a good thing. Maybe an English degree storyline may not be interesting or as many followers as those who are taking medical courses. Well, if what I written help even only an English undergraduate, it does gives me satisfaction.

Regarding my intern, how it ends? My story, it was more like a 'resignation'. Okay, don't judge me. Carry on reading. Well, as I mentioned earlier in Internship Diary (Applying & Working), I was assigned at the Monument Park. And this park will be closed during Ramadhan.

My intern course requires students to have their intern at least 2 months, but considering our long holiday, lecturers made it into 3 months. Since I started on 1st June, I will be finishing on 31st Aug. Hola! This year's Independence Day will be a total Freedom.

A nice song on Freedom, but nothing to do with intern.

The park closes during Ramadhan, and I was assigned to the B'Beteng Restaurant (also under TTI). And I don't see the relevance of English and me doing the serving food and wiping spoons and plates. Definitely, foreigners will not becoming to break fast, that's for sure (I am looking for oral English communication, remember?). I tried to ask my supervisor for other job scope. Alas, that was the only option (he did his best to help).

According to the timetable, I will be there (in B'Beteng) for the whole Ramadhan. What can i write for my report for that 1 month? I had no choice but to ask my pretty Intern Coordinator (i'm serious on the part that she's pretty). At first, she said that it was not possible and ending the intern earlier, will be unfair for the others. I know, but my condition differs. I don't mind about the intern period, but I do mind on the job scope. I ain't wasting the whole month for the same routine. That's for sure!

With istikharah (asking for the best from Him for me) and solat hajat, my coordinator called saying that she will be considering the matter again. Glory! Alhamdulillah. How easy you make things happen. On TTI side, I asked my supervisor whether it's ok for me to end my intern earlier. He told me that I've to see the Human Resource Manager. *cuak*

Really, there's no need to be 'cuak'. Kolot betul aku. Well, the HR Manager is also human (like me) and human can gives tolerance. Some staffs gave out their opinion that the HR Manager is way way serious and stern person and they said that there's no room that he will approve what I want. That some sort pulled my spirit down. But, with Dady's endless support I bravely made an appointment.

"Ya Allah, Kau memiliki hati kami, maka lembutkanlah hati kami dan permudahkanlah urusan kami". And I didn't even spot the strict part of the manager. He is so friendly and approved what I want. In the evening, my Coordinator called me telling me that the faculty approved my request and they will fax a letter to TTI. Everything settled in just 2 days. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. What more can I say?

Muka hari last kerja (sengih habis!)

My intern was 2 months and 1 day (still fulfill the actual requirement). And I managed to earn a day experience working at the restaurant (on the last day). I never regret with my choice of ending early. And I never regret applying here for intern!

I believe that Allah granted my wish so that I will have more room to focus on Ramadhan. I try my best to make full use of this Ramadhan, day till night. So that this gift will be not a waste. And I cannot deny the possibility that He gave this entire Ramadhan for me because he knows that I will not make to the coming Ramadhan. Only He knows.

"Dan bagi setiap umat ada tempoh; maka apabila datang tempohnya, tidak dapat dikemudiankan walau sesaat pun, dan tidak dapat mereka didahulukan". -Al Araf: 34.

The morals here are:

-Don't care what others say! People have their own views and experience, but we do not necessarily have to have the same experience like them. Someone can be strict to A, but can be friendly to B. Because we are humans (flexible).

-Believe in Allah. Even when everything seems a dead end, He can create miracles. Pray and pray while making action. "Sesungguhnya kekuasaanNya apabila ia menghendaki adanya sesuatu, hanyalah ia berfirman kepada benda itu: Jadilah engkau! Maka jadilah ia". - Yaasin: 82



Shafiq said...

Thank you for sharing your experience. :-)

Dibah said...

well ended of intern! haha.. You're lucky because your prayer was listened by Allah.. and I think it's good for you.. coz, You can spend your time with Allah, may this Ramadhan brings happiness and blessing from HIM, amin..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

shafiq: thank you for reading

dibah: thank u for reading.. amien. may what we did this Ramadhan will be useful and counted hereafter

Mohammad Lokman Hakim said...

ddoa dimakbulkan.smga 2bulan 1 hari bkrja mnjdi pngalaman berharga.y pahit skit2 tu adat la kan.y pntg anda brjaya

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Lokman: tp report xsiap lg ni. Blum bjya lg ni. Hu3

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