Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Internship Diary (Applying & Working)


As I mentioned before, choices matters. I prepared 3 letters, but only sent one; Permai Park Inn Hotel. With the thought that getting a place for intern is easy. I soon found out that my application was rejected as they do not need female practicum students. Lecturer in charged urged me to confirm myself to confirm my status. So, no choice but to send my application letter to Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI). Due to limitation of time, I met TTI's Human Resource Manager, and gave my letter together with resume. Alhamdulillah, he confirmed my place instantly! Yet, I still had to wait for a formal letter from TTI (fax to faculty).


i)Working hours

When it comes to tourism, be ready to sacrifice your weekends and public holidays. Frankly speaking, working on these days destroys my life cycle. My only off-day was Tuesday. But, during school hols, off day became work day. I suffered for around 2 weeks. Siap demam terpaksa ambil MC lagi. But, everything went well later.

There were two shifts. 830-430pm or 11- 7pm. Again, during school hols working hours may be from 830- 7pm.

An update during school hols.

ii) Job scope (most important part)

In TTI there are 22 monuments from 21 countries and 5 of those monuments are interactive where they offers documentary videos and galleries.

At the beginning of intern, I was in charged on an interactive monument. I did the opening and had to clean up the monument too. When visitors came, I had to greet them and sometimes a few questions are asked, especially on where to buy keropok. (dan mesti mereka nak fokus losong je. Macam sate Kajang lah. Padahal berlambak sate lagi sedap dari sate kajang)

Pergh. nampak sgt posing. Haha

About two weeks later, I managed to remember the monuments' history and backgrounds by heart. And later I am exposed to a new job, which was tour guide. I did the tour guide on train and also when we had groups of foreigners. But, for Thai, they prefer Malay (even the vice gabenor himself). At times, when they're not many visitors, I volunteered to be a personal guide to foreigners and walk together with them from monument to monument.

One of the rides available here is buggy. If you rent a buggy, an in-house guide will drive you and guide you along. So, later I learned to ride the buggy which was not that difficult as it is more or less like a car. However, I will be much happier if buggy has side mirrors!

When I am trusted enough to ride the buggy and know the procedures regarding it, I later exposed to do the in-house guide. This is the best job as I can communicate a lot with visitors. And quite often I guide tourists from Holland, South Africa, Germany, Russia etc. And I also learned their cultures besides adapting different ways to communicate. Pretty interesting!

iii) Environment

I am happy that the environment here are okay. The staffs are fantastic, flexible, friendly and helpful from beginning to end. I appreciate their willingness to accept the blur-part of me. I think, one with a proper attitude and character will have no problem to fit in.

Lunch here is free! Save RM5. Food will be provided to the staffs here.

Overal, having intern here helps me to improve my communication skills, especially English. And being exposed to native speakers (esp Scottish) was an experience I missed. Being able to use Scottish accents reminds my childhood years. In terms of general knowledge, I noticed a lot of common styles for certain countries. Okay, I don't want to be stereotype. Oh yeah! I just realised that Europeans love Terengganu.

Me and Aisyah after having dinner with TTI staffs

Gila pjg punya entry! Too much info to be cramped. If this post has response, I may continue on how my intern ends after this. As mine ended a month before others.


Dibah said...

Reading your internship's post makes me wonder how happy you are.. good job nadhirah.. i'm happy because you can handle it very well. I totally agree with you, working in english environment would help us in improving our communication plus writing skills. Besides, it guides us how to handle things in professional ways.. have fun with your internship. All the best Nadhirah! :)

p/s: continue writing, i'm ready to read it ;)

eencyweency said...

mcm seronok je keje mu Nad!!!

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

dibah: awak ada tak intern nanti?

wawa: srnok tu bes jmpa org. tapi xbes, org len sronok bcuti, kite terperap kat tmpt kerja

Shafiq said...

What a colourful experience! :-)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

shafiq: nak jd colourful tu, suffering juga sekejap. haha!

Shafiq said...

sebab tu saya kata 'colourful'. :-) Ada warna ceria, ada warna suram.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Syafiq: ha ah. Btul jgak.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Syafiq: ha ah. Btul jgak.

Dibah said...

Ade.. sem6 nti.. tkot gk! huhu

Ezt Syarafina said...

Assalamualaikum, hai. :)

Memang bercita2 nak kerja kat TTI! Macam tour guide gitulah. Masa akak apply intern dulu, post apa akak apply?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

@ezt syarafina: xapply ape2. cuma bgtau bidang amik masa belajar. contoh hritu sy amik english n communication. tp keja dlm tti ni bnyk bergerak skit, jd kalau mengandung mcm kwn sy haritu, tti akn letak bbhgn human resources.

kalau kt tti yg tmn monumen ni, mmg mula2 dia bg kerja lain dlu, then akan level up smpai boleh drive buggy n buat personal tour guide


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