Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Results Out Tomorrow!

Talking about practicum, most of my friends already started. As for me, my first day will be on the 1st June. At Taman Tamadun Islam, Kuala Terengganu. Since I'm the one and only that starts on the day, I am a bit nervous.

Yet, not much excited. The practical stops me to have two trips; Indonesia and China. Both in July. My family and our business partners in Avail should be visiting out new factory. Indeed, I was excited for that visit. A visit to see how Avail Sanitary Pads are manufactured from A to Z.

Hearing stories from mom and others (they went in 2008) are not enough. I really wish to see with my own eyes. Especially regarding their strict quality control regulations. If I go, I have to take leave for 5 days. Oh my! I am willing to extend my service or work extra hours to make up for the days I missed. But I'm not sure on the practicum or work regulations at TTI.

Istikharah.. Istikharah.. Hope for the best from Him yet we still have to try to find solutions with the faith for His blessings.

You know why Avail is a good business. One of the main product is sanitary pads. It is a good and essential product. Take this for instance. You have RM10 and you need to buy Beras Jati Super 5 at the shop. On your way there, your wife called telling you that she is period and need sanitary pads. Which one you will buy first? Of course, you will buy the sanitary pads and the Beras Jati will only come next. So, here you can see the purchasing power of the product. People MUST buy it. It is NOT A CHOICE. COMPULSORY.

Oh, results will be out tomorrow! Yeah. For matriculation students 2010/2011. Best of luck to all of you. More information, click here. For UniSZA students, I'm not sure. One thing that I'm certain is I'M FREAKING OUT.


Magrib said...

semoga berjaya dan harapan moga rezeki berpihak pada anda... moga tuhan memberkati.. anyway, blog anda cool, entry anda menarik buat saya tertarik.. suka baca dan follow anda ya...

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SumaiyyahAbidah said...

When I went for SBE/ROS, one of my friends started quite late because she went on a university trip to China. It was okay because as long as we completes 4 weeks of SBE within the given date, we were fine. This was in IIUM.

But usually for practicum, the practicum unit doesn't allow students to take leave. In fact, you're not supposed to have MCs unless it's really necessary, and even then you can only take MCs from government clinics. Otherwise you have to make up for it. But of course this was for my programme in one of the IPGs (Institut Pend. Guru) or you may know them as maktabs. Just thought I'd share.You should ask your practicum unit to be really sure.

Practicum is probably the part when you learn most about being a teacher. I wish you all the best!

Shafiq said...

Good luck on your incoming practical. :-)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

magrib: tq.. i'll drop at ure blog too.

sumaiyyah: really?! wow. that is a very tight rule.. im not sure for non teaching practicum. thank you for sharing ure xperience. very informative!

shafiq: tq.

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