Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loosing Accent/ Dialect, Problem or Not?

Being in Glasgow during childhood influenced me a lot as it was the rapid time for me to develop and know about the world. I used to have a pure and hard core Scottish accent which I learned through my peers. Besides, the school; Albert Primary which I went, practiced pure Scottish accent and a bit of dialect in class. Even reading session in class will be "I waned te know the tim nauw" instead of "I want to know the time now".

Malaysia prefers British English to be implemented in school. But, why we always say fries instead of chips. KFC plays a big role in this, most probably.

I rarely speak English now. Though I wanted to. I try to write in English in blog just to make me practice my language. And yes, I notice that my current English is a Malay English. I don't have much accent now. And at times I miss all those though I used to have people staring at me wide, having no idea of my utterances. They went like "whaddehek!".

However, using dialect in conversation may indicates that a person is unprofessional and has low education level. So, it is better to speak with a proper way and form depending on situation, topic and who are you talking to. For example, at times I enjoy speaking with Terengganu dialect. It is a better way to express things. But, having an Imam Muda speaking such dialect in a national reality show will makes me say-"oh, come on!".

p/s: What's the difference between dialect and accent?


Captain Hero said...

kalu ikut hok sy study.. dialect uh contohnye saya punye dialect kelantan.. accent uh plop. identity kite.semua org ade accent..tpi yg mnentukan ialah accent ye kuat o tak.. accent tu contohnye.. even sy cakap Malay[standard malay, correct malay] ye ade bunyi slang2 klate gok.. tu la ye accent..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

yup. ure right, zuzu!

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hi. Blogwalking.

This is an interesting entry. Well it's not easy to retain that accent when you no longer live there. Did yo u stay for long?

I learned about the different between accents and dialects once. I'm afraid I don't remember though, if I do later I'll drop a note.

Interesting blog btw :)

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

sumaiyah: i went there for 3y 6 months. not that long. but, at time kids are quick to adopt and adapt learning through environment.

the differences? u can read at the above comment; captain hero

tq for reading!


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