Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Just Me; An Ordinary Apple

I don't know why people say an apple in the family or an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It seems that we have a positive perception towards apple.

I am some sort of an apple in my family. The only. When you have just this one apple on a tree, you tend to expect a lot from it.

These few days I got to know few other daughters that has the same status as me; only apple. Looking at their achievements, made me think, am I a good apple for my parents. Most of the only child I knew take cool courses (those who took it says it uncool, but not the community), studying abroad etc.

Yeah, I am not as cool as them. Just me. My lecturer used to asked us why aren't you proud of the course that you're taking. She is right, and I guess it's because of my surroundings and peer pressure.

I don't prefer much studying overseas. Maybe the exposures that I had in my childhood years influenced my opinion. Well, most of us think that is a cool thing. Making me feel that I may want it too. But, for what reason?

Growing up with a schedule for me to take medical course. I used to be a bright kid, and my family including my grans are expecting me to take this course. I enjoy doing what they want me to do, the satisfaction is when you see them happy and proud of you.

I 'flunk' my SPM and during my matriculation years, indicating a goodbye for that dream. I may have the opt to go for a private medical college. But, I guess it's better for me to take the safe way.

I am not an English-lover. But happens to get along with it well, even among my Scottish friends. Which explains why I am taking Bachelor of English.

It hurts so much when you can't fulfill your parents' expectation or dreams. I'm really sorry. If I couldn't be one, I'll get one for you. And myself, will be considering for a doctorate. Though I know deep inside my heart, I'm just an ordinary apple. Hoping to be a better one.....


Mohammad Lokman Hakim said...

Setiap dari kita ada keistimewaan masing-masing.mungkin Nadhirah di jalan A, kawan Nadhirah di jalan B.walau berbeza jalan tetapi masing2 menuju ke arah yang sama iatu kejayaan di bidang masing2.

Ya, mmg rasa kecewa bila kita tidak dapat penuhi kehendak mereka.mungkin rezeki kita bukan di sini tetapi di tempat yang lain.hanya kita yang belum tahu lagi. semuanya ada hikmah tersendiri.

Lihat kisah nabi Yusuf bagaimana kisah perjalanan hidupnya dari penjara ke istana.(rujuk surah Yusuf).Allah tetapkan perjalanan kita sedemikian berbeza dengan yang lain kerana Dia menjadikan kita itu istimewa.

Untuk sekarang buatlah y terbaik dlm bidang the best.and i know u are one of the best student right me, your parent really3 proud with u.u not just an ordinary apple.u are a special apple, the only one. ^_^

Shafiq said...

Rub your chest and say to your heart 'All is well'. :-) We can only plan, but Allah will decide what is suits us better. :-) Maybe taking this course is your path.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

lokman: thank u. n i do hope so.

syfiq: yeah, i guess its my thing after all

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