Monday, March 28, 2011

Time Management is Relaxing

I believe that time is flexible. We can feel it is short or long depending on how we manage it. I always have a target to do things daily and weekly especially on my study. Having a target makes mu push myself to do the work.

For example, next week I have to submit an assignment (group). Last weekend, I managed to finish it. After I am done with it, I will give myself a reward. Doing something I enjoy like eating my favourite meals, watch my favourite tv show. When we have a target, we unconsciously manage our time and we also have to judge which task is the most priority. Btw, I ate too much burger for my reward. I won't stand to have anymore. Sick!

I see most of my friends like to enjoy first, struggle later. Differs with my perception. Because I can be out of control when I'm stress. Besides, I always think that something may bumps into me anytime. To avoid being out of control, the best thing is to settle my work early. So, anything occurs later, an emergency or perhaps someone offering you a free vacation, you will have nothing to worry!

This is my first time working with two boys in doing my assignment throughout my study. Yeah, I'm the only girl. I think they maybe 'sick' having me reminding them the deadline for the assignment. I know it's way way early. I had asked them to email me since Thursday for me to edit. Yeah, I am pushy, maybe a bit bossy but I believe you guys will thank me. A relaxing weekend this week for us. Hola! Current mood: happy. Work completed. Full satisfaction.

I sound like a hard-working girl. I'm not. Really! On weekdays, I don't study much, sometimes not at all (ashamed). My friend, Hawa said she sacrifices her sleep to succeed. But, I don't. Sleep time is definitely sleep time. Even when I'm not supposed to. Tomorrow Ive business appointment in the evening. So, Ive to push myself to do my work in the morning. Without the target, I may choose sleeping, but not tomorrow.

Do have a target daily and weekly. From target, make actions. Then, you'll be alright! (wink2)


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