Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't Drink Ribena!

It has been a while. Though I've lots of things to share, but time constraint beats me. Last night, my faculty which is Faculty of Languages and Communication held a Dean's List Award. I was really nervous as I need to give a speech to share with the students on how did I managed to maintain my GPA throughout the semester.

It was all Allah's kindness for granting my wishes. Although at times I am ashamed with myself and to Him because at times I did wrong things yet Allah still made my prayers come true so that I will think and repent for my mistakes. It's like a wake-up call of Him saying, "Hey, Nadhirah. I gave what u want so you should do what I want.".

The MC invited me to the stage to gave a speech and my adrenaline was woossshhhh! Increasing exponentially. I stressed on time management, being good to your parents, power of doa & solat hajat, importance of business in building up motivation in study besides giving you income and also on why we don't have to worry about the past.

A story that I shared in my speech is on FedEx that was founded by Frederick Smith. He proposed the courier service project when he was studying in Yale. He got a C for that project. After he graduated, he implement the project and now FedEx is a worldwide business. I can't imagine it used to be a C idea before. So, the point here is, do not despair about the past as the past is not a measurement to your success in the future.

My lecturer asked me about my voice. She thought it was a sign of me being too nervous. But, actually, in the evening, I had Ribena, cold... I love Ribena, but it is kind of sweet. Giving me such a nasty throat later after that. During Maghrib, I had a little bit of cough. Gulp! In 7 days a week, do I have to have nasty throat on Wednesday? It was my fault, choosing Ribena. Moral is, if you have an important speech coming or any event such as akad nikah, avoid taking Ribena. After the event, take Ribena as many as you want.

Who wants Ribena, raise your hands!!!

(Drinking-ribena-with-two-thumbs-up mode)

p/s: Ribena in Malaysia is manufactured in Malaysia.


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