Friday, March 4, 2011

Behind the Scene of Word on the Street

This morning someone told me that he was waiting for my update. It is something nice to hear and feel when they are those out there who are willing to read my blog. I have so many things to settle this week which explains my limitation of time to spend on blogging.

Now, I want to share with you all on my experience becoming one of the crews in making a video entitled Word on the Street. It is like a learning video for kids. You know when you are in primary school, and there was this learn-a-word-a-day program. So, it is something like that, but in video version.

We chose the word-Mechanic. There were only three people in my group; Azilah, Wan Nor and me, doing a task that should be done by five people. Of course it was hard work! We outlined the story and next, recorded the videos.

We have to hire many actors since we have limited members. The actors hired are Syafiq, Dean, Tony, Andrew, Fakri, Hawa, Najihan, Aisyah, Josephine. We are really thankful to them for willing to help us. Applause!

We tried to make our video different with others by including kids. Somehow, on the shooting day, there were no kids around the campus. I often think that kids always get in my way when I am trying to do my work. Proved me wrong! Since we didn't see any kids around, we included an orange kitty in our video. The kitty is not that friendly and it took us some time to get closer to it. It looks a bit like Garfield, only thinner.

After a full evening of recording, we tried to combine the videos into one with Windows Movie Maker (WMM). Thanks to Bill Gates for making our lives easier. It took us 5 hours of hard work for us to produce such video and maybe 15 hours if there're no WMM. However, I learned two things in producing this video.

1) We need more time and more takes for each scene. Therefore, we can choose the best take to include in the video. There are takes that I am not satisfied, somehow I have no other choice but to include in the final video.

2) Make sure the gadgets used are working well if you change it. We used two cameras to record the videos. The first time we swapped camera, we didn't realise the function of the camera is different than the previous one, leading a lower output of the video.

However, Alhamdulillah we managed to submit the video to our beloved Madam Mahani. Hope our work satisfies her and we think that we will achieve a better outcome in producing a video in the future with the experience we had in making this one. After all, experience is the best teacher.

Oh yeah. You must be thinking of the Word on the Street video. Too bad, unlike others, I'm not going to upload it in my blog. Only pictures here. I am not a good actor and I'm not going to give you a chance to laugh at me :-) It's a secret between Madam and my group. So, Madam, that video is between you and me. Shhhhhhh.... Lol


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