Saturday, February 19, 2011

Empire, not Vampire!

Ever been to Empire? It is a shopping complex nearby Subang Parade. During last CNY holidays, I went there. There is this huge slide that starts from the top floor to the ground flour. Quite a height! I hesitated to try, but my cousin Ariel wanted me to join him. He was not fond of doing it alone.

Cost us RM24 which was RM12 each. At first, it sounds cheap. After having it a go, i thought it was a bit expensive. The duration of being in the slide from top until I reach the bottom was like 10 seconds. So, RM12 for 10 seconds excitement? Perghh. But it is the world tallest indoor tube, 50 metres long, 5 storeys. No wonder.

I am looking forward to go there again. Not for the slide (that slide made me dizzy). But, hoping to end my 7 -year craving. You see, I was craving and still is for Viennese biscuits. Lucky I am not a pregnant Mumy or else I will be asking my husband for this. The last time I had it was in 2004. Quite a time. Surprisingly, I managed to spot the imported biscuits (from UK) in Empire. The butter ones was out of stock. So, next time I pray that it will be there waiting on the shelf for me to buy.

Btw, I think this video is awesome. Beautiful opening!


kay_are said...

ni mall baru dekat2 area subang tu kan.. nampak besar tapi member cakap kecik je.. ye ke?

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

Sebelah subang parade. besar juga rasenye. kedai2 branded yg jrg ada tmpt lain pun ada.

mall yg dmksudkn tu tak tahu yg mana satu. maklumlah, sy kenal 2 mall ni je di subang, he3

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