Saturday, February 19, 2011

Not the Matter of When, but How Serious.

We often hear elderly says "aku makan garam dulu.". Certainly not my parents as they're straight-forward people. But, those who said that they live longer than us, usually think that they are always on right track. I am totally oppose to this kind of people. Why?

I had met a muallaf (one who converts to Islam) and within a year, he managed to be an Imam for tarawikh prayer . And although he converts into Islam a few years ago, he managed to influence 17 people to convert to this religion. Remarkable, isn't it?

I once heard someone said to a muallaf, not to talk much because the speaker knows the religion better. Clearly, you may live with Islam longer, but that doesn't prove u're a better Muslim. Through the example I told you earlier, proved him wrong! We are ones that are born with this religion. Yet are we capable to be like that muallaf?

In another perspective. Business for example. At times I confront with those who said that it's too late for them to start. Too late means not capable to gain much money. Here's an example, I am into business (which in this context is Avail) since five years ago, but that does not necessarily mean you cant beat my income. If you do it better than me, seriously with better courage and determination, insyaAllah you will be more successful. There're many examples for this one. Proved you wrong!

We always say it's too late for everything and giving excuses. The excuses that we give is actually the main barrier for us to succeed. And even me myself, am trying to avoid giving excuses.


Ayuni said...

yus, I'm totally agree, sometimes people younger than us is more experienced than us..

Wz Fadhlan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nadhirah Ahmad said...

kyuni: yup. btul2.

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