Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life with Alcohol

Let me tell you, a true story about Leslie. She is a good mother, a Parent Teacher Association member, a counselor that talks to children not to take drugs/alcohols, a wife that always cooks, and make sure the house is always clean. However, it all ends, when she was 41. She had a friend and they always met up and starts taking alcohol, for social purpose.

Leslie hid her alcoholic addiction from her husband and family. Actually, she didn't realize she was an alcoholic and blamed that it was all because of the unstable hormones. However, things went out of control and she was like in a critical situation where she had two vodkas daily, and when she ran out of wine, beer and such, she was willing to drink mouthwash! Mouthwash usually contains 25-26% alcohol, and she felt high when drinking it.

She even willing to drink even a sip of alcohol in a vodka bottle in the trash. Imagine digging the trash, in front of your kids. Terrible, isn't it? She was helpless, dozing off night and day after being drunk. Actually, her eldest son prefers her mother to be asleep as she went out of control if awake. Leslie went for a treatment, and she was off from alcohol for two years, but started again.

After that, she lost her job, and most important, family! Her husband became an ex (divorced), and her 3 kids were taken away from her. She cannot be a good mother at that time. Again, she asked for help. "There will be not enough sorrys for all the things I did", said Leslie.

It was alcohol that destroys her life. Leslie started taking just for social meets, and being alcoholic definitely didn't cross her mind. Clearly, alcohols give lots of bad impacts to you, scientifically, physically, mentally and socially.

How beautiful Islam is to forbid Muslims taking alcohols. Allah is the one that created us, so he knows what is good and bad for us, humans. Some said taking alcohol is a symbol of modern age. Clearly they do not know the true definition of modern because as far as I know, it is a beverage during the ignorant age (zaman jahiliah).



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