Sunday, December 5, 2010

Summary of Sem 5

21st Nov-4th Dec. Then, it all ends. It has been a tough semester. This semester I skipped classes but with approval letter to go to Indonesia. And I think the same will happen for the next semester. Huh. I will comment on my habit of going off during semester in later post which I am not sure when to write.

Finals was challenging to me. I had to sacrifice my trip to Kunming due to exams. I hope that what I gave up will be worth it and pray that I will gain excellent results and be successful in the world and hereafter.

I would like to give some awards. No hard feelings. Just for fun. again, I stress, no hard feelings. Now, who will be the lucky ones. Let's see.

Most Difficult Final Paper
Introduction to Public Relations

Most Critical Timing Final Paper
Language of Persuasion

Most Difficult Reference Book to Understand
Learning and Acquiring English

Most Understandable Reference Book
Communication and Negotiations

Most Relaxing Class
English for Young Professional

Most Attentive Class
English Semantics

Most Noisy Class
Gamelan Music

Most Calming Carry Marks
English for Young Professionals

Most Stressing Carry Marks
Language and Persuasion


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