Thursday, November 4, 2010

Something About Life

Huh.. tired out. Went out from 10am to 4pm. Working. And yet I felt exhausted. I don't know how can I survive from 8am to 5pm. No wonder I am not looking forward to be an employee.

I don't want to talk about how much ATP I used today. But, I want to share something I saw today. On my way to town, I saw a street sweeper and he was around late 40's or early 50's. Judging through his hair colour. And he brought a little girl with him, 3 years old. I guess. It's quite sad to see a girl under the heat of 11am sun. And he helped the man picking up litters. I think the man doesn't have anybody else to take care of the girl, giving him no choice but to bring her to work. On the second thought, I hope the girl learns that life is hard and it is not easy to earn money and giving motivation to the girl to strive for a better future.

When I was outside Giant, in the parking lot, I saw this man and his son (I assumed) in the car. He open some sort of toy for his son. And the plastic, he just dropped it like that on the parking lot! Not bothering to look for a bin. Huh. What an example! Plastic is not biodegradable. That's one point. And another main point is I am ashamed to see a parent doing that. No wonder kids and youth nowdays are getting worst.


Mohammad Lokman Hakim said...

sememangnya kesusahan tu sgt mngajar erti2 kehidupan.dr keadaan sedemikian, sseorg tu lbh mudah belajar erti hidup, lbh mdh mnghargai ssuatu, dan mdh sendiri dtg dr keluarga y susah dan sememangnya ia sgt mmbntu diri ini dlm mnempuh cbrn hidup2 ketika dwsa.kdg2 terdetik dlm hati brsyukur dibesarkan dlm keadaan sbgtu.

cuma hidup xboleh trlalu susah,xboleh trlalu senang.acap kali org y terlalu ssh ni menyalahkan Tuhan dan takdir. y terlalu senang pula selalu mrasa xcukup dgn apa y ada.jadi bersedeharnalah..

kalian adalah mahasiswa/i dan insyaAllah kalian akan mempunyai karier yang baik akan datang.apabila sudah senang, jgn sesekali lupakan u berkongsi.harta y Allah berikan itu bukan hak milik kita disekitar kita spt jiran mmpunyai hak keatas pndapatan kita.

insyaAllah smga kita beramal dan mndapat kemurahan rezeki dariNya.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

If this is a facebook comment, I will be the one to like it

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