Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eye on to Bills

Yesterday I went to a restaurant. I was dying for food. Ordered Tomyam (compulsory menu), mushroom and kerabu mangga. Totally hot meal. Chillies everywhere in the kerabu mangga and tomyam. Kind of boring to eat alone at a restaurant which a rarely thing to do. I love going out my parents better.

Gambar kerabu mangga ini sangat memukau!

It was time for me to pay. Okay. RM 32.40. I did not think much since I have a RM 50 note that time. After I pay, the cashier gave me the balance and the bill. As I was walking out, caught a glimpse at kaki ayam on the bill? Ordering kaki ayam is not really me. Plus dady always teasing mumy, saying that "ntah mane ayam tu jejalan. pijak pe pun kita xtau". Giving me a yucking impression for me to eat it. However, mumy still okay.

Then I went to the cashier again. Turned out that I paid for someone else. My bill was RM 15.80 only. What a total difference between RM 32 and 15. On a second thought, RM 32 for tomyam, mushroom and kerabu is extremely expensive. How come I didn't notice that before.

As I was leaving the restaurant, I try to imagine what will be the man like when he found out that someone alse accidently pay his bills. Will he be paying RM 15 for my meals and he might be saying. Wow.. murah gila makan kat sini. Skali lagi datang, tak murah2 pun. Or will he and the cashier feel guilty? Hurmph. I'm thinking too much..

I rarely look at bills before. But, with this experience, I know I will be from now on. Yeah.. I agree with the saying, "Learn through experience".


1) Tengok bil setiap kali bayar.
2) Fikir sebelum dan selepas bayar.
3) Paling simple, jangan makan kat kedai. Di rumah tak ada bill.


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