Monday, September 27, 2010

Media and Persuasion

For Chapter 6, we have Persuasion on Visual Image for lecture. The commercials that I mentioned in class can be viewed in this post.

First, image as a metaphor. The image that we see is has an underline meaning. Take a look at these two commercials.

The life of the boy act as a metaphor to tell viewers that life is short therefore we need games to entertain ourselves.

For the Mercedes commercial, do try to figure the metaphor.

Visual Parodies is where well known images are used in a different way. For example, we look at a newspaper, we saw a an advertisement saying 'Got Milk?'. Of course, the first idea that crosses our mind is it is a milk commercial. However, after we read closely the adv, it is actually a soy bean drink commercial. It is like using a well known thing/ brand to attract audiences. Take a look at the video.

In this commercial, we thought it is a Coca Cola commercial. But actually, it only try to attract audience by putting Coke brand. It is a Pepsi commercial~ Joy of Pepsi. With this technique, we will remember this commercial better, with the hope that we will buy the product too.

I hope readers understand this post. Good luck for ure quiz for BEN Semester 5 on this topic.


New Interesting Manuscripts said...

btol tu cik nadhirah yer.... true exactly..bte thanks for the helps...

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