Thursday, July 29, 2010

Over-reacting of a PR Practitioner

We often see people who over-reacts in this world. For example, in Malaysia. There are male who wants to be female and of course, they tend to dress up like a female. But, look at how they walk. Oh my! The way they walk is not even close to a female-kind-of-walk. They legs looks so delicate and they do catwalk sometimes. Well, in reality, women do not do catwalk. On models!

Now, that's just the idea of how people over-react and this is because they do not really understand what/ who they are trying to imitate or act. Same goes to Public Relations (PR) Practitioner. Being a PR practitioner, is not all about dressing up and have dinner at 5-star hotels. It goes more beyond that.

A PR practitioner is someone who involves in Public Relations field and the essential abilities for them to have are writing, research, planning, problem solving, business etc.

Let me give an example. Anybody ever watch the movie, Sex and the City. Well, one of the main characters which is Samantha Jones owns a PR agency. In the movie, all she cares is how pretty she dress up and she talks about her career as a way to meet men. And the reality of PR world is nothing like that. Think of how this kind of movie, will help to create a negative view of PR world to the viewers.

Being a PR practitioner, one should be sensitive to issues happening in the world, well educated so that they are able to mix around well with anybody and must be creative and able to explain objectives of their clients or company that they are working on to the public etc.

You know what is the worst-case scenario for a PR practitioner? Communication breakdown is the worst thing for a PR practitioner to suffer. Which explains why PR is more than a world of dressing up and meeting people.


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