Friday, July 23, 2010

Football Jersey Issue

I used to play and love football, when I was a kid (not a goat kind of kid). We have this yard at my house to play with my cousins. And who knows how much we broke the flowers nearby and the vases. But, we grow up, and no more football.

Talking about football. There's this issue on football jersey. Or football top, as we called it in the Glasgow. Well, I knew a long time ago, that we're Muslim, not allowed to wear the jerseys that have any beer/wine sponsors. For example Heineken, Carlsberg, McEwen Lager. This issue is well-known, I think.

But, this week, I read about Man U. Click here or this. I didnt know that the red thing on the emblem is meant to be devil. I thought it was a lion or somesort of dragon like on Wales' flag. And the only jersey I have, is Man U. So, that means I cant wear it anymore. Too bad. But, Im not allowed to wear just one shirt in my closet yet Im allowed to wear many other type of clothes. So, dont need to put a big fuss about it. Other jerseys that stated to have a 'cross' are Brazil, Portugal, Barcelona, Serbia and Norway.

I know many Malaysians are big fans of Man U. Jadi, dah tahu, nak buat tahu atau buat2 tak tahu, bergantung pada diri sendiri. Atau mungkin masing ad pendapat sendiri.

Tapi, anda nak hukum lebih jelas, boleh baca panjang lebar di website ustz zaharuddin. Klik sini


eencyweency said...

aku x rajen ade jersi..kaki bangku punye psl

Anonymous said...

Satu perkongsian =) smg beroleh
manfaat bersama.

Alamin said...

haha..sbb ni la aku anti ManU..mule2 dulu ade rase nak minat MU gak,tp xjadi sebab devil tu minat la arsenal,ngeh2..ade lambang meriam jer..

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