Friday, July 2, 2010

Facts of Sleeping

Sleeping. We sleep everyday. Normal for a human to have a good rest; sleep. For a teen like me, 5 hours is quite enough. But, sometimes people do not take sleeping seriously. Especially when World Cup season is on. Here are some theories that are proposed by scientists on why we need sleep:

  • Sleep may be a way of recharging the brain. The brain has a chance to shut down and repair neurons and to exercise important neuronal connections that might otherwise deteriorate due to lack of activity.
  • Sleep gives the brain an opportunity to reorganize data to help find a solution to problem, process newly learned in formation and organize and archive memories.
  • Sleep lowers a person’s metabolic rate and energy consumption.
  • The cardiovascular system also gets a break during sleep. Researchers have found that people with normal or high blood pressure experience a 20 to 30% reduction in blood pressure and 10 to 20% reduction in heart rate.
  • During sleep, the body has a chance to replace chemicals and repair muscles, other tissues and aging or dead cells.
  • In children and young adults, growth hormones are released during deep sleep.
  • When a person falls asleep and wakes up is largely determined by his or her circadian rhythm, a day-night cycle of about 24 hours. Circadian rhythms greatly influence the timing, amount and quality of sleep.
During exam, I usually sleep. I couldn't help especially if it is a morning exam. I already sleep early the night before, so no reason for lack of rest. I guess, it is a habit. But, I do not think it is a bad one as I love taking 3-5 minutes sleep as I feel a bit fresher and often get more ideas to answer the questions.

Sleep and nap. Synonyms but some say that they differs. Sleep usually refers to long period of rest while nap refers more towards to a short rest.

But, some people sleep too much; become lazy and passive.

Sleep. Good or bad? Answers in you!


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