Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why do I have to have the Guilt?

I just got back from UDM. mom dad were not home. they went to KL for 3 days and I went up to my granny as home alone is an impossible thing in my life. not that im a scary cat. but, im not allowed to.

mumdad are on the way back today. so, i stay at home just for today though they told me they r going to pick me up at granny. I resist, with the reason i had rehearsal for dean award ceremony.

i thought I want to 'ponteng' FALCOM meeting tonight. seeing to the fact, that I need to drive alone at night to campus. And im not that certain with my eyesight at night. Im a speed racer and night is not for speeding (still think of safety). I was doing the chores that time, sweeping, mopping, folding clothes. just a few things that I think mum would feel relief when she got friend, ecah told me she will go Then, the guilt starts to grow. increase and increase trying to reach the highest level.

Changed my mind. I went! Huh. I felt a bit awkward driving alone at night. I think it's my first or second time driving alone. The thought of 'pocong' came when i drove. Actually, it was one of those plastic bags at the back. Huh.. once finished, I want to drive alone to go back home.but mum told me to wait till she and dady come and she will follow my car.

My car?? actually. our!

now, im back.. safely


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