Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Biggest Loser Asia

Last night, it was the biggest loser Asia. first time! Pretty cool. I was on track with their progress from episode to episode. I think it is an inspiring thing to watch. Making me think, nothing is impossible if we are willing to work to achieve it.

The finalists were Martha, Aaron, Carlo, and David. Aaron is a Malaysian. Pan-Asian. His daughter was pure cute! The winner was David. Won a Renault and 100000 USD. Though David worked for it. I think that the money deserves for Carlo. He needs the money to buy a house. David is already rich. I can tell when he went back to his house with a new E-class Mercedes model and his house is massive. With a swimming pool.

However, David, you work for it.. So, the money is for you. But, he look too thin too me. Carlo is in a perfect shape.

If you want to lose weight, you can try to have a go at FITNESS FIRST. With their guidance, I think you will lose several kilos, and have a better and healthier life (that's the important part).


durakhyar said...

awesome!! when look at "KING DAVID" wow!! sceleton only!! from more than 100

proud of him..n congrate 2 him..

but i loike more to carlo..because he looks more healthy than david..

so sad carlo..
but i change alot..not just physically but mental too..

me too loike to watch this program..give us spirit..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

tula. carlo nmpk cm ok kn. compared to david. i think his cheeks need a bit of fat

durakhyar said...

tp kn bila tengokbalik,david cam penagih plak.. using the money that he got, some food..lots of food..topup balik lemak2 tu..hehe..

tp kan terfikir gak..adakah berat dia akn naik balik. kalu dia x kwl pemakanan dia??erm...

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

tula. ad yg amiran punya bigest loser, name eric, jd gemok balik gile lps competition tu. naik 200pounds. cm useless je ilmu yg dibelajar.

tp klu tgk gaye carlo, cm ye akn maintain sbb ye kte ye sudoh rase mknn, ye kehek balik. dulu ye bnyk rse mknn, tu jd gmuk tu.. mklmla.. cheff

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