Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guide to make Passport

This afternoon I went to Wisma Persekutuan to make a new passport as mine already expired. We went around 2pm. No parking! Lucky, I'm with my dad. He found a parking, and we need to walk like 700meters. But, that doesn't bother me much, as I like burning calories sinced I just had lunch.

We reached at Jabatan Imegresen Negeri Terengganu at 3pm. Needed to line up. And took a number. But, the counter to take the number is only one, and she was also the receptionist and the one who give out the forms. Quite a job a for her! (Picture below, is way worst than what I'm talking about)

After an hour, then 1107!! Holaaa... It was like heaven to hear it. But, the lady at the international passport counter there, looked at my form. And gave a look. Oh... God.. Don't tell I need to come here again. She said, since I was born overseas, I have to bring my birth certificate. I was like, what!! Frankly, I just went like, "urghh"... Dady became the hero! He said, I just need to renew. Not the first time. Besides, what kind of proof she need, as I already have mykad and the previous passport with me. so, the lady went to meet her boss, and APPROVED! If I was alone, I will be like, " Okay. I will come again with the cert".

I just make a 2-year passport. Actually, it only valid for a year and 6 months. 6 months before the expired date, the passport is not valid anymore. Cost RM100. Another a year and half, I will face this again.

So, the moral for this post is, if you want to make a passport, make sure you have:

1) mykad
2) photocopy of mykad
3) birth certificate
4) 2 passport pictures
5) previous passport (if u lost it, i think u need to have the police report with u)
6) parent/guardian (if below 18)
7) yourself! (no wakil2)

8) can be this > extra patience

Suggestion: add more counters. 2 counters for international passport is totally not enough. More counters means more staffs. right?

But, at least, the service here is better than other countries. Bit more tolerant. Thank God!!


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