Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome School-Girl

My first primary school was SK Gong Badak. I had been to lots of schools. Not because I play truants or end up in a group of school-gang or something (but I was a bit cheeky). It just that, I hadbeen staying in different places, different countries, different continents.

I still do remember when I registered. I am in 1 Hijau. There were few other kids that time. And I looked at them, thinking will they be my classmates. Frankly, the word- STARE is much appropriate.

If you want your kids to sit still, put them in the front row during assembly. I used to be on that spot, ONCE! Seeing my mouth's stressed with the long period of rest, I always ended up at the back. Or second or third from the back. There was one time, a prefect (she was in primary 6- think her name is Mardiah) wrote my name for being so talkative during assembly. As a normal year 1-girl I did freaked out. On second thought, do teachers take actions when they look at those names? But you know kids, they don't think that deep. Backed to the freaked out thing, I cried and this prefect went panicked. She calmed myself down (mengada2. am I?) and next day she gave me a present. Pencil box. That time, that's enough to make my mouth shut. Thank you kak Mardiah. You dont really need to give me that, actually.

About this prefect, she has a little sister, same age with me. Amelia is her sister's name. When kak Mardiah saw me, she always asked me to read as I am a fluent reader that time. Thanks mom for teaching me.

You know those little primary one kids need to get a jab. I was scared that time. I did not want to have one. Yes, of course, I was forced too. And I got one. It was a bit 'kecoh'. I got the jab in class since I refused it so much besides telling lies that I already got one. It wasn't that bad and I regretted for being a chicken! Since that, I am never afraid to deal with these needles.. Till now! but that doesn't mean I am asking for a jab without any reasons. I'm not that foolish to welcome myself to unnecessary drugs into my body.

Why people do have to create stories? They told us stupid lies just to make your adrenaline goes whoossshh- up high.. When the dentist came, they're lies saying that the dentist will pull out your tooth. If the teeth aren't wobbly, why waste your energy to pull them right? Just stop all these nonsense and freaking little kids. Kids need support, not lies!

I was much of a naughty-cheeky-mischievous-little fellow. I used to pour water to one of the primary one student, that I don't know as she's not in the same class with me. My friend, Suzie (is she a friend? Lol) told me to do so, and I irresponsibly did it. Lucky, it's one of those mineral water not sweet, sticky juice. Poor girl. Actually the victim became my classmate when we were in primary two. Amazingly, we became good friends. Kids have clean hearts. They tend to forget things easily and away form these grudge things.

I got good grades during my primary 1. I have one competitive friend- Siti Noor Redzuani (used to tell her my house was 3-storeys. Lol). She's deadly tall that time. I don't know why. But I'm certain Calciyum was not the cause. Sharfawati was also in my class. Suffian. Fakhrudin. Faizal (Oja). Nordiyana Afiqah (Eqa). Firdaus (Boy). Izzati. Wan Syibrah Hanisah. Nadia Syafiqah. Sorry if I got mixed up with primary one or primary two classmates. There was this teacher, she was my class teacher. She used to gave us all (meaning the whole class) presents. we didn't win anything or what. So, she was described as a generous teacher in my memory. She's pretty as well. Somehow, she moved later. And the class teacher position was replaced by Cikgu Jamilah.

I think i've been writing a lot.. Cheers


Auni Najwa said...

omg.hahaha i laughed a lot, thanks.
Nadhirah-the naughtiest girl in school. You're bad! i think im a bit like u, the part on kecoh bila nak kene suntikan (i still do hehe).. but in other circumstances im not that kecoh..u'll get a daughter like yourself, itll be great =D

nadhirah said...

if my daughter is like that, i'll know where she get that from. Lol

onee said...

dop sangke my name stil in your memory list!
neway,gembira dapat jumpe blog kamooo

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

wassalam. ure' still fresh here in my mind.

just wonder about syibrah actually. where is she...

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