Saturday, January 16, 2010

Value of Leadership

I was a bit down this week as the chance for me to be the best student for my faculty when I graduate, is getting low. Well, I am not quite active in extra-curricular activitivites. CGPA is not the only thing taken account in evaluating who will be the best student. My friend told me that I need leadership skills and MUST involve in club/society.

These things grabbed my attention during my school years. However, not anymore. Maybe, I am already busy with business. So, I am not quite interested with these things. And those challenges I had really made me felt that I had enough with these things. Especially the hard times when I was one of the editors for the school magazine. Chatter boxes behind your backs became normal when you involved in handling anything. Lucky, I didn't strap those mouths with strong-glue sallotape.

Others also told me that when you involved in these activities, you get to travel. That reason does not attract me. Yeah, I prefer going anywhere with my parents. I felt safer and better protected besides having quality family-time. By the way, my parents are a bit protective when I need to go anywhere. I dont blame on them for this. I'm the only child. I may do the same if I'm in their shoes.

Again, and again, my friend told me that I need to be less-childish and more emotionally and mentally stable. Sometimes, I dont even realise I'm acting like a child. Urghh... That's the problem. But I did agree on the part I need to be emotionally stable. Emotions can overwhelm my actions at times. Overwhelm? Maybe...

About the leadership thingy again, do I have to get involved with these? I don't even know where to start. I'm a bit BLANK here.. Need help. But I do have a dream to be a good leader. But I'm not sure with myself


Auni Najwa said...

I was a leader at school too, though I think i did it badly, learnt my lesson.. n i was overactive for my koku, sometimes studies got seconded. I'm keeping out of being one for sometime..gonna sit back till im good enuff to become one..

just be confident,you're good to become one

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

i'm bad at handling stuff. like handling a ceremony or such.. i need to learn it.

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