Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tiring Day

I just got back from campus. There was Silent Movie competition for the English Proficiency Programme. I appreciate my group members for participating and giving their commitment. I am sorry if I am a bad facilitator. I am doing my best to make English interesting. But, it really depend on the individual. No matter how much people encourage you, if you, yourself don't want to try to learn or improve English, it will not take you anywhere. My English is not that perfect, proportional to the fact that I am still an English student.

My group present on human and animal communication today. I think the presentation turned out okay. I became a chimp and a female frog. I'll put the pics later.

Intrafaculty Debate will be tomorrow. Semi Final. But, somehow, I'm exhausted already. The final, will be on the night at Kafe Asrama Baru. On behalf of FALCOM society, we apologise for any inconvenience. For your information, we already pre-booked the Dewan Kuliah Utama. But, turned out that DKU will be under renevation on Friday and Saturday. We can have the debate at other classes, but we want to avoid the FBK students from being squeezed. So, Friday Night, come to the cafe' for free Nasi Minyak. We ordered for all of the FBK students. We know the fact that students love free meals!

I want to sleep. I want to rest. But, I've tonnes of work!!


Auni Najwa said...

yeah. i've seen people who are so determined to hate english, no matter how interesting it is..i guess it depends on the individual.

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

when the love is there, the will comes along

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