Monday, January 4, 2010

Mukahyyam de Penyu

Last Thursday, I went to Mukhayam at Taman Pertanian Sekayu. I hardly remember the last time I got there. Before I even went to Glasgow! which told me it's such a long time ago. The Mukhayam started after Maghrib and ended after Subuh on Saturday. The activities were exciting and there're moral values behind the activities. 2 ceramah on Syabab (golongan muda) and another one was about Fiqh. Both gave me inputs and thanks to those who organised this programme. We celebrate 'new year' here and thank Allah for choosing me to be there. There was also jungle trekking activity. It was the most adventurous trekking I've ever been. With a beautiful view of the waterfall, just really captivate our eyes. A few of us left their drinking bottles in the jungle and that gave each of us the 'wake-up call' making we realise the small things we did, will affect our environment.

During this mukhayam there're those who said that I'm so skinny that I looked like as if I'm not well. And my cousin told the woman that I daily exercise on treadmills. Which definitely a lie! I hardly exercise and ashamed with my lazy to exercise attitude. The woman that described me as so skinny told me not to exercise and lose anymore weight (she took the joke seriously). That is the problem with most of us. Exercise doesn't mean to lose weight. It is to ensure our body is fit. Yeah, I do agree that it can decrease weight, but just 10 minutes exercise twice a week doesn't really help you much with the weight. I am not fit and that was the reason I'm ashamed that I do not practise exercise in my life that much. Unlike my dad who always exercise. Although I'm 44kg, sometimes if went up 3 storeys of stairs, I felt a bit like I'm panting= not fit! During the mukhayam, there were several sessions of physical activities and jungle trekking was the last one. I was amazed that I could still run without panting hard after 3 hours of trekking. Compared to the first session of physical activity, I only brisk walking (not that brisk) and avoid running as I easily felt tired.

Tonight there'll be a meeting. I held the academic exco position of FALCOM. Surely, this semester, I told myself not to hold anymore positions. I am not really good in organisation stuffs in university. I need to have more knowledge.

My public speaking skills are getting worst. I told my mum and she recommend me to help her with her business so I can improve my soft skills and expose myself with more people. I had not much problem during secondary school but in university, I diagnosed myself having stage-fright seriously. However, I hope that I can overcome this problem as soon as possible.


Auni Najwa said...

44kg! i'm jealous. im 49kg and my waistline is steadily expanding..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

u know, after you eat, dunt straightly drink water.

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