Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meyer or Rowling?

Are you searching for Love?

Or the power of courage, bravery and friendship?

Well, actually I am talking about two famous novel series. Twilight and Harry Potter. I prefer Harry though. How truly absorb I can get into these books? I can see that I love HP series as I finished reading page by page all the HP books I bought. And Twilight, though I bought Eclipse, I haven't read it yet. Not to mention, I don't have the time yet (I still do have for writing posts).

I can finish a HP novel in just a day, but never did for Twilight. I can even stop and continue a few days later. Too me, Twilight series too focus on Love. LOVE is beautiful, but too much in books made me felt like I'm reading a truly love novel, not a Vampire novel!

But I felt like I waste my money (my??) buying the novels. The books cost not less than RM32 but I only read them once. It's like I'm buying clothes and only wear once. What a total waste.

Maybe, it's because I haven't watch the movie yet. I only love HP after I watched the Chamber of Secrets. Perhaps, the same goes to Twilight.

I only knew Twilight as it won the Nickelodeon's award. But, if people ask me, currently, HP will be my choice before Twilight.

Sorry, if I broke your heart, Stephanie. But, you still have lots of fans outthere. I'm certain about that! And both of you make lots of money with writing (do wish to be like you).

Take note. I'm a fan of HP. Not Dan.


Auni Najwa said...

Harry Potter all the way! Twilight books lack some literature quality, its always about bella and how she feels about the sparkling vamp..lol. HP rules

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

it depends on the reader. on what kind of things they look at.

Auni Najwa said...

yeah i guess. i was looking for vampires when i started on twilight, not really love.

Goddess of Harmony said...

though Jacob is so hot! lol,,, but if i have to choose the book, then Harry Potter...


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