Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meaning of True Friendship

Someone used to say that 'A good friend is hard to find'

To me, a good friend is not that hard for me to find. But, a best friend is really hard. And I know some people do face a problem like me.

I wonder why I do face so. Is it because of my personality? Or it is not me. Or is it because of others.

Define the phrase 'best friend'? What makes a person is your best friend? From dictionary.com it defines that best friend is someone who is the closest to you. To me, it is much more than that. Someone who listens to you when you want them to. Someone who you refer to when u've problems. Someone who can make you happy and you can make them feel the same way.

Memories of the past creeps into my thoughts.. Thinking... Who is my best friend? I think the true meaning of friendship was understood by me during my secondary school years. I'm still kids during primary school. And Kids just make friends with most of the people. I knew my best friends in secondary school. It is a unique love and friendship between us. And they still are my best friends.

During my matriculation, I have Aina and the others with me. Thank you for such being such wonderful friends!

One of my best friend told me a few days ago, she had a hard time figuring with these things. It's just hard to get a best friend. People might say that if you walk together almost every day, that means the both of them are best friends. Well, not really. I agreed with her when she said she missed our moments together.

I am big now. Grown-up. 20! But, I am not sure whether I do have a best friend here, in university. Most of my classmates have their own best friends already. I talk to almost everyone in my class. And I do play along sometimes. However, I did think whether they do like the way I am or not. People can change, and I can deal with critics. I do like others criticize me, if it is for the sake to make me a better person. I am on my way to be a less-immature person meaning to be mature girl. Still do prefer the word girl, though. But, It's a bit hard to be a mature girl when ure parents treat u in a special way.

Am I irritating to them? Or I am just way different from them? Or is it because I am a permanent non-hostel student. Or what I am lacking of? However, the girls in my class are good people. Certainly not vicious, cruel or mean. Not even close to that. Talkative and friendly. However, it doesn't really matter. As long as the word friend is there, I don't think I need to worry. Best friend starts with the word friend. The 'B' 'E' 'S' and 'T' will slowly crawl to bound with the word friend. A friend is already wonderful gift to have in your life and give colours to it.
One thing that I do feel my patience are getting to the edge of the cliff is when people butt in people's life and I don't even do that to them. What I mean is, It is annoying to be paired with this guy or that guy. I do have a sense of humour. But dealing with such joke when lecturers around, is unacceptable thing. That stupid joke may create negative perception on me in lecturer's mind. I am okay with small group jokes, but not in PUBLIC or in CLASSROOM (Sorry but Im more focussed to the boys in this part).



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