Friday, January 22, 2010

How's Debate?

There's intra faculty debate today. 2 rounds. Morning and evening. Exhausted! That's the correct word. The motions that we got were on 1 Malaysia and same sex marriage in America. We won for the motion of 1 Malaysia. But, sadly lost to motion of same sex marriage.

I got the idea for 1 Malaysia. But, on same sex marriage I was a bit blurr and I didn't do well. I can't digest the points making me hard to explain further about the points. Also annoyed with opposition for round 2. Don't make faces and don't try to be harsh. I like our opponent for round 1. So sweet. I mean, they're like cool. Not irritating.

However, we got to the Semi Final. Our batch have two teams for this debate. And both teams managed to grab their place for the Semi Final. On Friday, morning, next week. For the other team from our batch, they won for both motions.

On Friday nigh, 29th will be the final. Everybody come!!!! Free dinner, included.

Congratulations for those who won and good luck for the coming semi-final.


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