Friday, January 8, 2010


2nd week was something. Bundles of assignments. Adibah, one of my classmate left. She got another offer in UITM. Good luck for you.

We learn about phrase structure this week. And it really confused me. But, I spent 2 hours on it this morning and I somehow managed to figure out the formulae and the rules. Which came out as a fun-thing though sometimes I get a bit clumsy with some parts. I made notes that I found totally useful. If you're interested feel free to have a look at it. The sources of the notes=from my previous textbook - Intro to Language and Linguistics. Now, I dont need to flip over and over again to look up at the examples. Save time! I also surfed on the net to look at the structures..

I think my blog layout is pretty dull and boring compared to others. But it will be a total waste of time to spend make-up-ing ure blog except it is the semester holidays. I'm not that good with techs so I have to spend a lot of time to fidget with these things. Having a new layout may take an hour for other people. For me? May more than three. I'm not more than someone who is classified as a beginner.

There'll be debate. Somehow, those I pointed to jot down their names on the list of participants didn't look that happy. How to solve this?? It's pretty embarrassing if there's not even a single team to represent my batch.

Our Mercedes caught in a prob today. The case under the car, fell half-way. I wonder why good cars have weak screws... It's not much problem but annoying to pedestrians. The squeaky noise itch u're ears.. Dady drove through a watery road. so, the car got a bit sensitive (should it?). I knew the car is very 'manja'. I prefer high-lasak-cars like X6. No problem to pass through roads with huge puddles and such (Actually, it still manja in other ways). It's a question of what I prefer. Too bad I don't have the money. :-)

It's about time we get things for free. isn't it. (i know it's a mengarut and lame idea)

p/s: the more expensive a car is, the more manja it gets. Why??


Auni Najwa said...

just a suggestion, if u wanna change ur blog's look. I tell you, its really easy, and I'm a tech handicap. It doesn't affect or delete your widgets either. though im not sure if you'll love the designs. Link below

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

thank u. i'll look through it when im free

Auni Najwa said...

its the content that matters most, not how the blog looks. ur blog is very intresting

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