Sunday, December 20, 2009

Charlie and Choc Factory

I was reading my friend's blog- Najwa about Charlie and the chocolate factory. I really looked forward last night to watch it. Yeah. I did watch it. But, it was already 11pm. I joined a programme throughout the night (I'll talk about it later). I agree with Najwa that books are better than movies. But, I think that movies play their part in helping readers to have better imagination when reading. For example, Harry Potter. I find Harry Potter series a bit dull because I think it was all a nonsense. But, after I watch Chamber of Secrets, I was really into it. I start to read page by page starting from goblet of fire. and Dan Radcliffe contribute my love towards harry potter. But, I am not his fan anymore since he involved in a controversial play. I found out that I love Harry. Not Dan. Reading Harry Potter's books after knowing all the actors just bring the characters to live in my mind.

Last night, Charlie supposed to continue after Nightline. But, I felt asleep. I dozed off completely. My dad called me. My uncle too. My uncle yelled from the door. Including my Aunt. Nothing woke me.. Until I felt someone touched me. It was my Aunt. I was like.. Huh.. How did she get in here... She told me she took the key from downstairs. Lucky hotels didn't foolishly have just ONE key!

Now, I'm HOME. tired. Tomorrow, I think, I need a bit of swimming. To fresh up a bit.


pemboncengsetia said...

teringin nk tgk charlie tu jgk
tp xsmpat smlm..hehe

maaf xpknalkan diri
tp apa ade pd name kn..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

tula. kalau cerita tu siang2 ok jugak. pagi ke

pemboncengsetia said...

tu la pasal
tgh cari laman web nk donlod cite tu
bleh simpan
utk anak2 or cucu2 tgk di mse dpan

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

biztorrent? tp sy tgk lam utube je ari tu.

Auni Najwa said...

Honored; my name's on your post.

same with you on Harry Potter, after I watched the movie I read the book. Mrs Galbraith was all over it in class, she says the HP in the movie had blue eyes, not green all the other stuff.From that moment when we read HP we'll always imagine Dan, not our personal version of HP.

the trio actors were cute at the start, I'm less into them now. Their movies are getting worse and straying away from the book. HP7 movie is my last hope.

pemboncengsetia said...

torrent lambat
megaupload or rapidshare
utube,quality low la

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

beli cd je lah. yg ori. clear n bleh tgk ulang kali

i tink directors play a big role in directing a movie. tak boleh buat cincai2 je because it will influence readers

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