Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Plans for Holiday

Finished my final exam entirely. Well, I still do 've next semester's final. It was the most frustrated exam Ive ever gone through. The subject was Writing Skills and I need to write a short story, 350-400 words, a 300-400 words article, news, email, 10 comprehension questions from 2 different stories.

The exam started at 9am till 1130. You know why I am sooo frustrated? Because, I thought it was only 10.15 but actually its 11.15am already.

15 minutes to times up! Memang cuak gile2. panas badan jadi. But in that 15 mintes, I finished my email writing and I only did half of feature writing. Around 100 words though it required 300-400 words. Sedih tapi pengajaran supaya tak berlaku lagi. TAk tahu macamana boleh ingat pukul 1015. Arggghhhh!!!

Plans for holiday?

1) Maths (form4-5)
2) Lots of cooking means lots of eating
3) Working (office work)
4) Shopping
5) MC for this Friday ceremony
6) Reading moon eclipse

HAppy holidays everyone!!


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