Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Little Caliph Programme

During my final exam, kak ifa 'sms' me asking me about whether I have any experience in being the master of ceremony (MC) or not. I was like, errrr.. I'm not that frequent in dealing with this stuff. The last one was last semester and that was a partner MC in Sultan Mahmud Boarding School (SESMA) for their performances and certificate giving ceremony. That's for English. For Malay, also during last semester. That was in a Entrepreneurship Seminar where I was the MC for the opening of the seminar. Overall, I only had two experiences. Not much. And Kak Ifa asked me to be the MC for Little Caliph Ihtifal and Performance Day. Somehow, I agreed.. Though, I've no idea about it.

How did I agreed? I didn't do a lot of thinking (that's for sure). I was in an exam mood, so I just like to agree on lots of stuff without realising what will happen next.

On Wednesday, I finished my exam. And then, I start to think about it. I've no idea. I didn't do anything about it much, as I was totally busy helping my mum with her business. On Thursday, I was a bit panicked for not having any ideas. My friend dearly helped me a lot with it because he had lots of experiences with this stuff. Mum and my friend laughed at me for being too stressed. I was not being too stress, I was like wanting to be perfect. And I guess, that did give a little bit of tense.

At midnight, I managed to be in front of the computer, and started continuing on the text. When I know there's a website for this Little Caliph Programme, it made my work a lot easier. At 3, I finished it! Mum told me to sleep because my mouth wouldn't stop complaining how tired I was due to a lot of work in the office. But, I told myself I must finished the text first, then I could sleep calmly. Funny thing though, I can sleep happily eventhough my school work or exercises are not done :-)

On Friday, dady sent me to Kraftangan Centre in Terengganu which I mistakely assume that must be Noor Arfa. So, Kak Ifa picked me up from Noor Arfa Batik to go to Kraftangan. It's about a kilometre away form Noor Arfa. The ceremony started at 3pm.

I learned how to asked the VIP about their profile in a proper way. Also had a new experience in dealing a ceremony with kids. Moral value: Must need a lot of people to handle them. Keeping them in line. Making sure that they do not make too much noise and such.

Their performances were great and also funny too due to some of them took a lot of time to voice out what they should say. My favourite was Hafazan by adik Fariz and Western Dikir. Fariz was so cute in the jubah and kopiah.

The ceremony went well, but when it came to prize-giving which involved all the kids, I nearly burst into tears. According to the Principal, I don't need to say out the names because it will take a lot of time for the teachers to arrange them according to their names. But then, a mother who was in the front row seat, yelled "MC bacalah nama!" (siap dengan tangan2 dia lagi duk complain).

I was shocked and terkejut (same thing but repetition in both language shows I want to stress that part). Tak pernah lagi kena complain depan-depan camtu. Malu dan rasa macam serba salah. I asked Kak Ifa, camana nak sebut nama. Dia cakap, beritahu kategori je (6,5,4 tahun). I controlled myself not to let tears run down from my eyes and making sure that my voice don't change. You know, when you're kind of upset, your voice begin to crack a little bit. Rasa macam nak jawab je kat makcik tu, that it takes to time arrange those kids according to names. Besides, I'm not the kids' teacher. So, I don't know the kids' name. But, totally malu giler bila kena sound depan2 camtu.

Speech from the founder. Input nya: Anak2 dah pandai baca, ibubapa perlu hati-hati dengan media cetak yang dibawa masuk ke rumah. Ibu-bapa juga perlu ingat anak-anak sudah pandai baca sarikata di televisyen. Means that, parents have to control the TV, internet and other mediums. Another thing is, teach children to know Allah in a positive way. Contoh, kalau cakap bohong Allah potong lidah. That will create bad perceptions of Allah in kids mind. Make the kids know that Allah is Ar-rahman Ar-rahim and explain these to kids. And relate all the things around us to the Creator. For example, dont just say, "There are many kinds of apple; green red". Say it in a better way way, like "Allah is Almighty Creator. Look, He makes many kinds of apple in the world. There're red, green and each of these have different tastes". Some sort like that.

I think this post is long enough. That's all

p/S : additional info- www.littlecaliph.com


al-amin said...

need help in event technical??
me can..heheh

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

aduh.. promote khidmat die plak. ha. jumaat ni ade tak kt ganu?

al-amin said...


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

sje j tnye


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