Sunday, October 4, 2009

Feel it once, Got to have More!

This December my 2 Aunts, Grandad, a Cousin, and 2 of my uncles will be going for umrah. It's a good time to go, I think. because December is a bit breezy and bit cold in Makkah. That's what I thought and predicted. Why I'm writing this post? Its not for informing they're going. But to tell you one funny thing bout my uncle. Funny? I dont think that's the right adjective.

Well, this uncle is always went overseas. But before Ramadhan, Allah send him to Makkah to be His guest. He went for 2 weeks and went back just a few days before Ramadhan. He love it there that he went again during last 10 nights in Ramadhan. The visa was not available, but he tried to get it by going several procedures, and he got it! Of he went again.

He saw several odd and miracles when he was there. Now, he decide to go again in December. I guess he's in love with that place already. No more going to Holland or whatever it is.

Wish my aunt, cousin, and uncle have their first lifetime experiences there (It's their first time).

Moga menjadi hamba yang lebih baik... amien...

p/s: I myself miss that holy place... Send me there again, Allah


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