Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Small Change, Huge Difference

Bank Islam logo

Have you all notice the change? I noticed Bank Islam had reconstruct their logo to from blue to another colour and modern style. I also noticed the stylish K and saying its confusing but it looks good in graphic and creative point of view. However, I was doing my assignment and took Bank Islam as an example for my assignment. After reading the background and such, I notice the K is not confusing anymore. It's a new logo.

Its better to have the latest look. Its not confusing, yet simple. Imagine someone who pass by this logo, the one with stylish K, he or she most probably read it Ban Islam. And this is bad for the company.

The Bank Islam’s logo incorporates a crescent embracing the word Islam, indicating the bank’s unwavering commitment to uphold Syariah principles in all our values, activities and transactions.

I guess I'm not that alert as I just notice the latest logo yesterday.


al-aman said...

Biasanya logo mempunyai kontroversi yg tersendiri :)

Kenapa ya? Adakah memang telah dirancang?


Nadhirah Ahmad said...

yg latest ni ad kontroversi ke?

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