Sunday, October 4, 2009

Facemask Please

I had presentation just now. My class was 8.15pm and I was late. I dressed up quickly, pray of course and drove to campus. My mumdad was not home yet. They went to the North regions. Mum had business to do and dad had to attend convocation in UUM. After class, my mumdad waited at a restraunt to have a meal together. They just got back.

When we finished our dinner, mum said, "look at your blouse"
I went like,"What?"
Mum said, "You buttoned it wrongly. i can see it clearly"

I looked again and laughed. Mum told me that I should not do that mistake. Very embarassing! But I just remained cool... Tak tahu nak kata apa kot. Nasib baik ada table kat tempat present tadi. And the table blocked the camera's view when our lecturer took our group photo during presentation. I guess nobody noticed it. Except my mum. I guess...

Then Dad told me, that there was this student. Not sure he or she. But the person got Vice Chancellor Award. A student from Yemen graduated for degree. The person got CGPA 4.00!!! I was like whoa! GPA 4flat is normal. but to have CGPA 4.00 flat is something!

The student said, "4 years ago, it was a dream to achieve 4 flat. But now, it's reality".

Congratulations for you. Excellent job! How about me?? What will be my CGPA when I graduate?

p/s: its not really nice to hear when people say, they just want to pass and graduate. Doesn't matter they get third class or just maqbul. This is not an appropriate mind set.

p/s: why facemask?? its usefull to use it when u did something embarassing


Anonymous said...

hahaha..u'r wrong!ngeh3x..i pon perasan gak u mlm td..hiiii..its ok..just nice la nad..=p

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

hahha. sape yg anonymous xnk ngaku diri sbnr ni.

let bygone be bygone..ha3

tonite, im 100% sure this wont happen

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