Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Undefined Topic

People always say, "Nadhirah, ure so lucky blah3"
I often wonder how lucky I am. Yeah, I have a nice place to stay, parents' love, everything I need.
But on the other hand, I am not as lucky as other people thought I am.

Let me tell you, what question I really sick of.
Since I was in primary school, people asked me, "Nak adik tak?"
And I kept answering that question, sometimes giving an honest answer and sometimes I lied.
Feeling pointless of answering the same ques over and over again
This eid, someone asked me again. It just really annoys me so much!
Of course the answer should be yes. One can really tell by looking at my blog, my friendster.
It's really obvious there.
And it is really hurtful to answer that question because it is what I want and I didn't get it. yet.

So, just stop asking me that question. Really sick of it..

Manusia ada benda yang dia dapat, ada benda dia tak dapat. Tapi kita kena bersyukur sebab ada orang lebih teruk lagi. Cuma kadang2 bila kita terlalu nak sangat sesuatu tu, kita lupa nak bersyukur yang nikmat lain Allah bagi. But still, dont ask me that ques, okay?

p/s: I guess im lucky in my own way


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