Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonderful Life

This is a korean drama, that I watched for this mid semester holidays. This is the 2nd korean drama that I watched fully. The first one is Hotelier. This drama is called Wonderful Life. Its a nice story and I really like to watch the cute girl.

There are morals in this story.

1) Think before you do anything
2) Dont take alcohol (its illegal anyway, in Islam) because it leads you to bad situations.
3) Sex is after marriage
4) Dont be self-centered. Think the effects to people around you
5) Children are sensitive and they have feelings
6) Love after marriage is not impossible
7) Dont run away frm responsibilities
8) Say and tell what you feel, don't just keep it.
9) People can change, ngtive to positive vice versa
10) A mother can do anthing for their children
11) Min Do Hyun (Lee Jee Hoon) sangat hensem and sweet sebab baik! Lol

There are many other morals. Tapi takkan nak tulis semua kan. Tengok la cerita ni. Sangat bes. I watched it by Youtube je.


lukpi said...

me pn da abes tgk citer ni..
suke budak pmpn kecik tu..
cute je..
lg2 bila dia ada time parent gado..
lg nmpk cute dgn muke sdey die..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

haha. sy suke mase ayh ye suh wt cute utk mitop duit ng grandpa. saranghaeyo. i love u. *wink2*

cute molep

faRaa_♥ said...

sgt best!!
sy tgk bnyak kali citer nyh,.
mareng ulang plop,.

harabuji,.shinbi saranghaeyo!~

izan said...

nanti la aku nk tgk jgk
nk cari cd je
xyah loding lame2

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

mu akn jtuh hti kt bdk ni. jamin! he3

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