Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Wise Man

The night before yesterday, I went out with my daddy. To eat. And my daddy shared me a story. So, it goes on like this.

There was a wise old man in a village. And there was another young man who wanted to test the wise man because he didnt really believe the wise man was trully wise. So, he went to the wise man, bringing a bird in his hand.

He asked the wise man, do you think the bird in my hand is dead or alive?

The wise man answered,"If I say its alive, you will definitely squezzed the bird and the bird will be dead. And if I say that it is dead, you will just let the bird go. The answer is in your hands."

He is wise isn't he??

Moral is, the answer is in our hands. For example, your mumdad told u to study. But ure the one that make a choice whether to study or not in order to pass ure exam. Even they give u support or anything, ure still the one that need to make the choice. It depends on us.

Another example I see is when people go to motivation talk or something like that. During the activity everybody seems to be so inspired. But after that, they went back to normal. The motivator only act as a catalyst and it depend on us to choose wahtever we want us to be.

That's the story from my daddy... He got it in from a book. He totally likes reading..


izan said...

seronoknye crite ni..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

bnyk cte hop ayh ak cte. tp ak dop ingt doh

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