Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy and Disapointment

Today, class started at 12noon. And when I was in class, I got a message from dad about his comments regarding my story. For this semester, I need to write a short story. Short?? It was not dat short to me. Seriously. 5100 words? Do you consider that to be short? Well, not me! Bout the story, dady said that it was good and creative of me to write it. Thanks for your constructive criticism or should I say compliments? U showed me that ure really supportive for willing to spend ure time reading it. It made me feel that my work is appreciated. Thanks dad!

Then. my uncle that just got back from Makkah came to my grandpa grandma's house last night and he just went back at 11.30pm today. He lived in KL. Permanently. He got me a jubah. It's a 'S' size. The length is just nice. But the width is a bit broad... Blame myself. I was so excited in sliming. But the result is great. 42-44kg. I love my current weight so much. Its the time I enjoy my weight because once you have 2-3 kids, its not awkward to weigh over 50. And 50 is light for a mother status woman. But, im not even close to be a mother yet :-) Btw, I like the jubah. Now, I got two jubahs. Yipee! Thank you once again.

Dissapointment because my mum and dad wants to go to Makkah in the end of Ramadhan. Too bad there're only 2 vacancies. I was so mudy and I cried a bit because I was hoping to go there too. We just need ONE more vacancy!! But, mum and dad didnt confirm it yet because they're not sure about the visa. Whether visa is still available or not.

Uwaa.... I really want to go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr Marami said...

takpe... mari jer mejid kistel... ade imam dari timur tgh gok.. akan datang lehnye pergi pulok.. anggap je la tuhan tak jemput lagi awk nk gi.. sy ni dok rajin gi skali gi pun...

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