Monday, June 29, 2009

Visit to Hospital

Its been a long time I didnt go to hospital. Sebab takperlu pergi, jadi tak pergilah kan. But, this week, nearly everyday i'm there for hours.

A relative of mine is in critical condition but last night, she's still stable. Dah 2 hari masih tak sedar. High blood pressure. 200+. From the MRI (if im not mistaken), there's blood clot at left hemisphere. This morning, there will be a surgery to remove the blood clot. It's a risky surgery and my dady's friend is the neurologist. There're side effects, but miracles may happen. Thanks to him for willing to take this case or else my realtive needs to go to HUSM, Kubang Kerian.

When I went in the Neuro ICU, these few days, what I saw gave lots of impact to me. Seeing several critical cases making me realise we can be in that condition in less than a minute. Alhamdulillah, ku masih diberi nikmat kesihatan dari Mu, Ya Allah. Sekelip mata je, boleh terlantar di hospital. Sama ada se jam, seminggu atau sebulan? Who knows

Like I always say, Tomorrow is a mystery. We never know what will happen to us next.

p/s: taking supplements is very important


wawa said...

innalillah..btw,terigt cte blind dating kalo neuro2 nih..

Nadhirah Ahmad said...

xpnh tgk pom cte 2

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